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What To Do If You Have A Tooth Ache

TMJ-TMD Prince Dental Group dentist in Midway, UT Dr. Prince What To Do If You Have A Tooth Ache

A feeling of dread can come over you when you realize that your tooth is aching. Something might be wrong with your tooth, perhaps requiring a trip to the dentist and treatment such as a filling or root canal treatment. When you first have an aching tooth, it can be easy to ignore it or brush it off, especially when the pain comes and goes or is only there at certain times. However, by ignoring a toothache, whatever is causing it could get worse. And if your tooth stops aching, it won’t necessarily be a good sign. If you’re in Midway, Utah, make an appointment with us at Prince Dental Group for a checkup. Meanwhile, it can be helpful to do the following things when you have a toothache.

Rinse Your Mouth

Rinsing your mouth out can help to remove anything that might be irritating your tooth. It also helps you to ensure your mouth is clean. You can use salt water or a mix of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide. Whatever you use, make sure you spit it out when you’re done – don’t swallow it. Swish the liquid gently around your mouth before spitting it out. You might also find that it helps to gently floss around your tooth to remove any bits of food.

Use OTC Pain Relievers

When you’re in pain, taking a painkiller will help to relieve it. However, it’s important to remember it won’t deal with the cause of the pain, so it’s still important to get your sore tooth checked out. You can use over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you use aspirin, it should be swallowed. You might have heard that you should put it on your tooth, but this can do more harm than good.

As well as taking painkillers in the form of pills or tablets, you can use gels or liquids that relieve pain. These contain benzocaine, which helps to numb the pain for a little while. If you want a natural alternative to this, you can try clove oil, which also helps to numb the area around your tooth.

Try a Cold Compress

Using something cold is a good way to treat pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. If your face is swollen, use an ice pack to help bring the swelling down and perhaps treat the pain too. It’s important to see a dentist if your face is swollen because it could be a sign of an infection, an abscess, or other problems.

See a Dentist

The most important thing to do when you have a toothache is to make an appointment with a dentist. They will check your tooth for you and find out what the problem might be, before recommending the best course of treatment. While at-home remedies might help to relieve the pain, they won’t cure the cause.

When you need a dentist in Midway, Utah, for a toothache, make an appointment with us at Prince Dental Group. We offer friendly and honest treatment with high-quality care.

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