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Root Canals

In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you would probably lose that tooth. Today, we can save your tooth with a particular dental procedure called root canal treatment. Root canals in Heber City, UT, are a relatively simple procedure involving one to three office visits. Best of all, having a root canal when necessary can save your tooth and your smile!

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root canals heber city ut
root canals heber city ut

What is the purpose of root canals?

A tooth’s nerve is not vitally important to a tooth’s health and function after the tooth has emerged through the gums. Its only function is sensory – to provide the sensation of hot or cold. The presence or absence of a nerve will not affect the day-to-day functioning of the tooth.

When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue, and germs can cause an infection inside the tooth. If left untreated, an abscess may form. Pain and swelling can result if we don’t remove the infected tissue. This can not only injure your jawbones, but it is detrimental to your overall health. We may need to remove your tooth without the proper treatment then.

How To Know If You Need a Root Canal

root canal include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Pain upon chewing or application of pressure
  • Prolonged sensitivity or pain in response to hot and cold temperatures
  • A dark discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact us.

What happens during a root canal?

Root canal treatment involves one to three visits. During treatment, Dr. Prince, who specializes in problems with the nerves of the teeth, and his team remove the affected tissue. Next, the interior of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. Finally, we’ll seal and fill the tooth with a dental composite. 

If your tooth has extensive decay, we may suggest placing a crown to strengthen and protect the tooth from breakage. As long as you continue to care for your teeth and gums with regular brushing, flossing, and checkups, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.

Root Canals in Heber City and Midway, UT

In conclusion, root canals can seem daunting and scary at first, but they serve a crucial purpose in maintaining the health of your teeth. As we’ve discussed, root canals aim to remove infected or damaged tissue from the root of a tooth to prevent further damage and preserve the tooth. 

It’s important to pay attention to warning signs such as persistent pain or sensitivity, as these could be indications that you may need a root canal. Feel free to seek a professional opinion if you have concerns about your oral health. 

And if it turns out that you do need a root canal, rest assured that the process is straightforward and typically has minimal discomfort. Our skilled team is here to guide you through every step of the procedure with care and precision. 

If you need a root canal in Midway or Herber City, UT, call our office today or schedule an appointment online with Dr. David Prince. Remember, neglecting an issue now could only lead to more severe problems. Take care of your teeth, and they will take care of you.