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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Welcome to Prince Dental Group, where you can experience dental care like never before. At our office, where we provide services in Midway, Heber Valley, Summit County, and Wasatch County, our dentist, Dr. David Prince, and his team are devoted to offering the comprehensive care the whole family deserves. Among our services, we provide wisdom teeth extractions in Midway and Heber City.

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wisdom teeth extractions midway

What is a Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a standard procedure that significantly impacts overall dental health. Although some fortunate individuals experience wisdom teeth growing in without any issues, these teeth can spell trouble for others.

Signs that Extraction is Necessary

Some common indications that Dr. Prince may recommend extraction include:

  • Pain: If you experience chronic or severe pain in the back of your mouth, it could indicate that your wisdom teeth are impacted or causing crowding.
  • Infections: Recurring infections in the gums around your wisdom teeth can indicate the inability to clean the area properly, leading to a more severe issue.
  • Tooth Decay: Difficulty reaching and cleaning these teeth can make them more prone to decay and cavities, which may necessitate removal.

Alignment Issues: The erupting wisdom teeth can push against the existing teeth, causing them to shift out of position.

The Extraction Procedure

Knowing what to expect from the day of your wisdom teeth extraction can alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding a surgical procedure. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, understanding each step is crucial to being prepared.

Preparing for the Extraction

Dr. Prince will begin by examining your mouth and teeth, which likely involves taking X-rays to understand the positioning of the wisdom teeth. You’ll also discuss the type of anesthesia that will be used, depending on the complexity of the extraction. During this consultation, you must share your medical history and any medications you’re taking to ensure a smooth process.

The Day of the Procedure

On the day of your wisdom teeth extraction, you will be administered the chosen type of anesthesia, which could range from local anesthesia to general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the extraction. Dr. Prince will make an incision in the gums and may need to remove bone that blocks access to the tooth root. The tooth will be divided into smaller pieces to simplify extraction and minimize trauma.

Recovery and Aftercare

You may experience some bleeding and facial swelling, standard parts of the healing process post-surgery. To facilitate recovery, you should:

  • Manage Pain: Over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication can alleviate discomfort.
  • Watch Your Diet: Stick to soft foods and liquids initially, gradually reintroducing your regular diet as you heal.
  • Avoid Strain: For the first few days, rest and avoid any strenuous activities that could disrupt the healing process.

Potential Complications and Their Solutions

Though rare, complications such as dry sockets, nerve injury, or sinus communication may occur following extraction. Following Dr. Prince’s post-operative instructions closely and contacting our office immediately if you experience unusual or severe symptoms is essential.

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The long-term benefits for your dental health outweigh the discomfort and inconvenience of extraction. By undergoing this procedure, you’re preventing future complications and taking proactive steps to maintain oral hygiene.

  1. Improved Oral Health: Removing problematic wisdom teeth minimizes the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other dental health issues associated with overcrowding and misalignment.

Prevention of Future Issues: Extraction eliminates the potential for impacted teeth to cause severe infections, cysts, and damage to other teeth or the jawbone.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Midway, UT

Understanding and preparing for wisdom teeth extraction is pivotal in ensuring a smooth and healthy transition into life without these often troublesome molars. As with any major dental procedure, thorough education and communication with Dr. David Prince will help you manage the process effectively. If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, please contact our office today!