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Your Local Family Dentist in Midway, Utah

Prince Dental Group has been around for over 40 years. We’re a local dentist providing lots of wonderful treatments for the population of Midway, Utah. Our practice includes some highly talented and experienced dentists and dental surgeons, along with a whole host of friendly nurses and support staff. 

If you’re looking for Midway family dentistry services, then you’re in the right place. We happily provide pediatric dental treatments for young children – as well as serving the adults in your family too! There’s no need to book in separately; just come with the whole family, and we’ll see you in one go. We offer a calm and caring environment that’s designed to make you feel at home. There are plenty of things to distract your children in the waiting area, and our dentists will make them feel comfortable during the check-ups or treatments. 

By providing Midway family dentistry, we can offer so many different procedures and treatments for you and your children. This includes general preventative dentistry, restorations, fluoride varnish, and so many other services. Also, our treatments go beyond just Midway family dentistry services as well. We offer cosmetic procedures, dental implants, veneers, mouthguard services, and much more. Contact us today to book you and your family in for an initial appointment!

About Midway, Utah

Our practice serves the lovely city of Midway, Utah. You’ll find this fantastic city in the heart of the Heber Valley, surrounded by gorgeous mountains with snow-topped peaks. Many people call Midway the Swiss Alps of the US, and it’s easy to see why. The city comes alive during the winter, with a host of snow sports available to try out on the mountains – and sleigh rides available around the local area. 


Midway, Utah isn’t just known for its beautiful mountains and vibrant winter season. It’s seen by many as one of the most welcoming cities across the continent. There’s a tiny population here of just over 5,000, but it’s growing year after year. Lots of people are moving to this quaint city because the quality of life is hard to beat. Your neighbors are friendly, there are lots of wide-open spaces, and it’s full of young families with children. There’s no shortage of amazing small businesses dotted around the city as well. It’s a place where the locals support one another, and the quality of the businesses is very high. 


One of the things Midway is most famous for is The Crater. This is a geothermal spring hidden inside a 55-foot limestone cave. The pools inside are delightfully warm, and you can use it all-year-round. It’s one of the many unique things that people love about this city. 


Of course, there are plenty of parks in and around the mountains that are open to the public as well. All in all, Midway has a close-knit community and is a very good place to live. Among all the wonderful things to see and do, there are also plenty of brilliant schools and health facilities for you to enjoy.