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Midway Family Dentistry

As we get older, we are generally better able to deal with unfamiliar and unpleasant situations, but if you are honest, how do you remember your childhood dental appointments? If you are like most people, then those early experiences probably soured you on the idea of going to the dentist at all – and it took a while to steel yourself to visit the dentist as an adult! Many grown adults still have issues with dental appointments to this day, and an experienced dentist needs to be reassuring and calming with all of their patients.

If you are concerned by the prospect of dental appointments, for you or for your children, then a Midway family dentistry can be the perfect answer to your prayers. Staffed by dentists who have acquired years of experience and built up the perfect level of trust with their patients, family dental practices are an ideal place to sign up and get the care that you need with a focus on making the experience more pleasant for all concerned.

A Gentle Approach

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of reasons why children may be scared of dental appointments. From the imposing chair in the office to the range of tools – some very sharp-looking – that are wielded by a dentist, the process of even a simple dental check-up can be disturbing. 

Nothing about the experience is normal, the first time it happens, and it is understandable that the trauma of that memory can color the experience the next time a child visits. A dentist needs to be able to recognize this, and to do their job, as well as being particularly gentle and encouraging so that the younger patients lose some of their misgivings. A family dentist needs to be able to carry out standard checkups, carry out checks and fillings, and offer a range of other treatments for patients from 8 to 80 and beyond, and do all of this while maintaining a reassuring tone tailored to each patient.


By visiting our Midway family dentistry, parents can achieve a number of advantageous benefits. It is possible to schedule a family check-up day where everyone attends at the same time, rather than driving all over town and taking time out of multiple days to get appointments for everyone. Most family dentistry practices will also have areas where children can play before or after their appointments, allowing them to come to see a dentist’s appointment as something other than an unpleasant journey.

Family Dentistry in Midway, Utah

Quite often, the family dentist can come to be something close to a trusted friend to multiple generations of a family. Through years of putting patients at their ease – in a situation that is not suited to feeling at ease – your family dentist has gained the soft skills required to explain things in non-alarmist vocabulary, and the medical expertise that allows them to diagnose, treat and advise you on a range of issues that may happen with your own teeth, or with your kids’.

When you come to our Midway family dentistry practice, it allows you to spend much less time worrying about the experience of attending a dental appointment with, and for, your family. If you are looking for the dentist who can attend to your family, take the time to contact Prince Dental Group on (435) 729-7090 to discuss your needs