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Dental Crowns at Prince Dental Group

Dental Crowns at Prince Dental Group Dental Bridges in Midway ut and heber ut prince dental group dentist in midway ut dentist in heber ut

Dental crowns are artificial tooth caps that strengthen a tooth when enamel is lacking. Each dental crown is custom-designed to your specific tooth anatomy and is made out of either ceramic or porcelain material. Crowns can protect an already weak tooth from breaking, serve as a large filling for a tooth, or cover misshaped or stained teeth. The main purpose of a dental crown is to improve the functionality of a tooth after decay or infection. 

Dental professionals will usually suggest a dental crown when a severe cavity has been diagnosed that will compromise the stability of your natural tooth. If a tooth crown is the best option, we will take an impression of your tooth and make a mold to send to a dental laboratory where the artificial crown will be created. 

Each crown fabricated will be personalized to match your natural tooth color and  size to ensure it will blend in with surrounding teeth. 

At the first appointment, you can expect an x-ray to be taken of the area where the crown is needed to ensure that the surrounding bone and tissues are healthy. The dental professional will then need to remove all existing decay and take another impression. A temporary crown will be placed on the remaining portion of the tooth until your permanent crown is ready. 

At the second and last appointment, the artificial tooth will be placed and bonded onto the remaining tooth. The temporary crown will be removed and the dentist will check the fit. The tooth will then be cleaned to remove any bacteria, debris, or imperfections that would create issues after the crown is placed. 

Using a special dental adhesive, the crown will be placed in its final position and left alone for 10-15 minutes to let the adhesive harden. All excess glue will be removed from the surrounding area.

To ensure that the fit and the bite are correct, the dentist will use dental instruments to measure the resting bite position, and will file down the crown if necessary. If taken care of properly, dental crowns can last a lifetime. 

At Prince Dental Group of Midway, Utah, we provide only the best artificial restorations and treatments. If you need a crown placed, we make it our priority to ensure you are left with a smile that you are proud of. Please call or reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the placement of dental crowns or how to care for your crown if you already have one.

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