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Affordable Dentist

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At Prince Dental Group, we focus on smiles. Providing affordable dentist services in Midway and Heber Utah is one of the many ways we increase the number of smiles we see. We hope to help bring out your smile too.   


Helping to Build Smile After Smile in Midway

We encourage patients to keep their regular dental checkups because we know this is one way to promote excellent dental health. We want to help how we can with the associated costs.

Dr. Prince understands the need for quality dental care at reasonable prices. Speak with us, and we’ll see what we can do to assist you with any low-cost financing options.


Getting Affordable Dentist Services Is Easier Than You Might Think

Keeping your teeth in good shape is a great, easy way to save money on dental treatment. It is usually more expensive to treat tooth problems than to avoid them. 

One of the best things you can do is brush and floss twice a day. Use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, and visit Dr. Prince about twice per year for checkups and cleanings. Yes, it can be as simple as that.

If you keep your teeth in great shape, you won’t need to visit the dentist as often. The fewer doctor’s visits you need, the less expensive your medical bills.


How Much Do Specific Dentistry Services Cost?

Every patient is different and may have unique dentistry needs. At Prince Dental Group, we’re able to customize treatment based on your dental goals and our recommendations. Because treatments can vary, so can costs. 

In general, some treatment options cost more than others. For example, dental fillings, which are composite resin shaped onto the tooth to correct cavities, usually cost less than dental implants. So saving money on your dental treatment not only includes taking good enough care of your teeth to require simpler, less expensive treatments but also choosing a less expensive option. Dentures might be less expensive, for example, than implants, while both accomplish similar dental objectives.

Here is a list of dental services, from least expensive to most expensive, which can be a general guide for costs. Again, costs may vary, so this list is only intended to give an idea of costs rather than specifics:

  • Fillings
  • Dental Bonding
  • Root Canal
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Crown
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Implants


It’s also important to note that you get what you pay for. It would be best if you chose dental procedures not solely based on price but also on your dentist’s recommendations and what you will be getting for the price you are paying. While dentures might be less expensive than implants, they may not function as well, look as well, or be as long-lasting as implants. 


You’ll Need an Affordable Dentist You Can Trust

Of course, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, you never know when a dental problem will arise. Even if you brush and floss regularly, almost anyone could develop a cavity at some point. That’s why it’s crucial to deal with a dentist you can rely on and who can provide you with reasonable dental prices.

We strive to provide more dentistry services at Prince Dental Group for less money. We’ll do everything we can to work with your dental insurance provider if you have one. If you don’t have dental insurance, we’ll work with you on any options we can help with. 


Affordable Dentist Serving the Midway and Heber City, UT Community

Dr. David Prince leads a team dedicated to your satisfaction in service, comfort, and price.

Please don’t put it off any longer. Call us today. The sooner we get you started on our quality dental care, the more likely we can keep you in excellent dental health and your prices low. Time is money, after all. And saving money means increasing smiles.

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